It’s okay to ask for help

For those who know me or don’t at all I want to admit. I have been really struggling with my mental health.

Whilst I won’t go into the details as that’s personal to me. It got so bad I had to pluck up the courage to ask for help. Which brings me on to the reason for this blog.

One thing I have learnt is that it is ok to ask for help it’s also ok to not be ok! I’m not going to lie asking for help wasn’t a decision I came to lightly, I was in denial about how I was feeling as my pride and my future was at stake.

I have had some really good help from professionals that have guided me through this process. They let me do my thing but always made sure I had a hand to hold as and when I required it 24 hours a day. The work the NHS do for mental health under the strain of the demand is commendable. There are not enough people to help individuals like me in the NHS which is massively unfortunate and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have access to that support. I can admit though that unless you’re willing and motivated to help yourself the unfortunate reality is they can’t do much to get you back on track. It has to come from within and I can tell you there were moments I had to dig really deep to get out of bed, let lone have a shower and brush my teeth! But I did because I knew I had to.

Every single person within the NHS that I have met over the last few weeks made sure I focused on positives. They helped me write up a list of things to do when I get stressed and they encouraged me to find my love of music again and anyone that’s following me on Instagram will see I’ve found it again. Although losing my iPod with over 15 yeas of music on was disappointing but not the end of the world. They helped me work out that distractions were the key, and I found a bit of noise in the background, exercising and cleaning (my place has never been so clean) are good lengthy distractions. I also learnt that it’s ok to lay on your sofa watching box sets. I’m currently on season 4 of greys anatomy! I also actually started to love myself again!

I have had a really good week this week, which means I’ll also have a good weekend which in turn sets me up for next week. I have learnt that everyday is now becoming a win and although it’s only Thursday and a bit premature this whole week is turning into a win. Am I fully recovered and back to my best no! And I’m not disillusioned to think I ever will be 100% fine every day. But I have accepted that now!

Some of my family and friends have been hugely supportive and not once have they pushed me or forced me into doing something I don’t want to do. I did say to them I didn’t want you to fix me, just ask if I’m ok and listen when I need to talk. That’s important to build your own recovery, not to rely on anyone but yourself and that’s when you really do become successful!

Not enough people talk about mental health but As I mentioned above. It’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok to not be ok!

For help and support with mental health I recommend the following websites:


One Response to “It’s okay to ask for help”

  1. Heather Tasker Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, to this whole post. Also, IFL Grey’s Anatomy, even though I’m almost 2 seasons behind now… Pick up the pace, Netflix!

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