Goal Setting for Success

Goal setting is a process for planning ahead and and thinking about what you believe personal success looks like. Setting personal goals big or small help you focus on what’s important to you.

Learning how to set goals and achieve them mean you are in control and you decide what success looks like.

It’s the beginning of the year and people always talk about New Years resolutions. It’s important to remember that whilst making those very few people actually follow them through.

This is the first time I’ve really considered goals for myself long term ones. I initially considered this year I want to but stopped myself in my tracks. There was no way I’d set goals for this year and follow them through. I know that because I know me so well and I know I lose focus very quickly setting a year worth of goals was counterproductive.

Goal Setting

When setting my goals I considered the following

⁃ What is important to me

⁃ What I want to achieve

⁃ What I want from my life

Clear and specific goals

It’s important to set achievable and very realistic goals. There’s no point setting something that means you won’t achieve (lottery win is not a goal).

Break it down

Pick aspects of your world that your goals will be set against. This will be more manageable and allow you to work on goals at specified times perhaps.

Get support

Setting goals and achieving them isn’t always easy and you may need help achieving them. It doesn’t mean you didn’t achieve them. Think about who in your network would be able to help. This is key to your success.

Share your goals with your network

Sharing your goals with others provides a level of validity. It also gives you a level of commitment that ensures you achieve them.

Stay positive

Hmmmmm one I’m trying bloody hard to manage but it isn’t always easy to believe in yourself. My best advice here, when you feel yourself slipping, stop, take a break and reevaluate. (My blog post: If at first you don’t succeed will help)

Track your success and progress

Journal time, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. A square lined page notebook at 2 quid from Amazon is perfect.

Reward yourself

It’s is absolutely essential to reward yourself after achieving goals, it doesn’t have to be something huge. A little something that reminds yourself you got that because you were successful at meeting some or all of your goals.

What did I do……

I worked out how I was going to set these out I categorised 3 things that were important to me personally: Life, Gym, Work. These were written up in my note book and on the next page I wrote out how I was going to keep track of my goals to ensure I have achieved them.

I decided that monthly goals were for me. I sent them to my PT for validity. I love that I can do this with my PT, after all he will be instrumental for my Gym subject.

If anyone wants any tips on setting goals or want to talk anything through please do get in touch.

Here’s my goals for January and you’ll see I’ve already set myself up to achieve some of them.

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