Sleep Hygiene – Just as Important as a Good Diet

For the last 6 months. I have really had difficulties with sleep. Be it not being able to sleep, not staying asleep, having nightmares, getting up multiple times for a wee. I have written a list of the things that have and are helping me.

1. Have a warm shower before bed and get some shower gel that has a nice sent. I’m using L’Oréal men’s invincible sport it’s the yellow bottle. It’s got some relaxing scents that I enjoy.

2. Move that phone and charger away from the side of your bed.

3. Amazon echo – this has been a life saver to me and my insomniac moments. I usually listen to sleep sounds and my favourite is city noise and distant thunderstorm.

4. Something I treated myself to a while back, Phillips hue light strip. This does all sorts of colours and is behind my bed. The warm tones do help relax me. And you can also set them for a sunrise or sunset which makes mornings in the winter much easier to bare.

5. Warm drink – I don’t always practice this, but I have found some calming teas with 0 caffeine in. Clipper snore and peace is one of my favourites.

6. A diffuser, you can pop whatever smell you like in these. You can pick up a fairly cheap and decent one on amazon. My sent at the moment is oud it’s very woody and I put this on an hour before I’m getting into bed so my pillows smells beaut.

7. For those moments you can’t get to sleep. After 20 mins get up and sit in the living room. Get that book out, nothing to heavy, a magazine is good too. Then when you feel tired again get back into bed. Don’t make your bedroom a negative place where you can never get to sleep.

8. Last but no means least, it’s ok not to sleep. Sometimes our bodies don’t need much. I agree with the 8 hour rule but sometimes I know I don’t need 8 hours. Everyone is an individual and so is their sleep requirements.

Good luck with your new sleep hygiene.

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