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Social Media and Life

August 1, 2019

I’ve not written a blog post in quite some time May exactly 12 weeks. Not that anybody is counting. I use my blog to process things on my mind, it’s been a very useful tool to me. I guess I haven’t needed to use my tool to process anything, because there just doesn’t feel like anything to process at the moment. A feeling I’m very unfamiliar with but have been enjoying.

May was a very moving moment in my journey. I made some decisions about my life that turned out to be the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Social Media

Let’s talk social media….. I used to be a very avid user of the gram, I used Facebook once (circa 2008) I’m going to break down my thoughts and reasons why I permanently deleted my accounts.


Instagram had a massive impact on my mental health, I found myself becoming more and more depressed trying to compare and validate my own world with others. There’s too much fake content that makes the healthiest minds validate their own worth. Don’t be disillusioned though there are some people I followed that bring a positive mindset to me to this day, but I found a different way of interacting with them which is a more enjoyable experience all round.

Young people on this site, are naturally going to compare themselves and it’s a epidemic of negativity that’s spiralled out of control. Financially, mentally, physically and fluidity all ruined by bloody instagram. Something that concerns me about my niece and nephew and my little cousins when they are grown up enough to get an account. I will explain to them why I’m not on it with the hope of educating them.

I also know someone who has an account that has anxiety at posting anything so doesn’t at all.

Yes I used it, I also had a very unhealthy relationship with it so I decided not only to disable my account. I permanently deleted it and not once in the last 12 weeks have I even thought about it.


Same as above really, but the status updates killed it for me. I even found myself inappropriately updating my status with nonsense and bullshit. Thank god those days are over. People say to me how do you keep in touch with friends from school and family. Firstly I didn’t really have friends at school and I only keep in touch with one person who has my phone number and WhatsApp and the same goes for my family. If I want to hear from you then you have my number. I also don’t know many people in my circle who have Facebook.

other social media

So I haven’t given myself a total ban on social media. I still use my word press hence the blog, but is that classed as social media. Nobody on my word press feed is bragging about their Louis Lauren Armani exchange handbag, or driving daddy’s lambobmw. It’s different, it feels real.


Purely business but this is also turning into a Facebook car crash so I might pop that one off soon too. Even business people have no filter but they do have very poor banter.


Now this is the type of thing I like, I’m getting older, but wiser and more beautiful but this is my cup of tea. I follow, is it even called following some lucky people on there. With real content and it educated me with different things. I even follow someone that extracts ear wax for a living and you don’t see that juicy on the edge of your sofa malarkey on the gram do you? No!

What else have I been up to

I’ve just been massively working on me, gym has been ramped up to 4 a week, I’ve been to yoga although had to give that up (long story). I’ve been sleeping better, eating better. I went to my first ever pride even, yep in all my 35 years of gayness I’ve never done pride. I loved it. Just all round a better mindset. It coincided with another big decision I made, that only those close to me understand. I never thought I could but I have. I’m not just posting to process something today. It’s because my fan club have all been asking for a blog. Someone also mentioned social media as a subject and here you are my love.

life for me seems to be good, and dare I say it happy. My PT reminded me that this is normal how I feel now, not a unusual event that will go away tomorrow, it’s been hard to accept and embrace it. But I tell you what, I kinda like it. Actually that’s a lie I love it.

And one final note # this symbol is a hash. It is not a fucking hash tag. To everyone under the age of 25. It’s also known as a pound key, so don’t forget your pound tag.